Family Maintenance Available Now

Rex Langley is a retired contractor with a part-time job as a handy man at a local hardware store and apartment building. His wife, Gayle, is a retired Navy veteran and part-time waitress at a local restaurant. Together, in their spare time, they are amateur sleuths.

In this fourth installment of the Fernandina Beach Mystery Series, Family Maintenance, Rex and Gayle take to the road in search of a neighborhood girl who was abducted moments after her father was shot and left for dead. Join Rex and Gayle in they’re newest action-packed adventure as they travel through Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and back, in a race against time



Family Maintenance

"Great story that was entertaining and kept me interested from start to finish. I read it all in one sitting. I paused and put it aside briefly at one point, then I wondered “what happened next”. So, I picked it back up and finished it. Rodney Reisel’s books are like that. Easy to read and hard to put down"

"Another good and humorous read for the forth edition in this particular series. Keep 'em coming Rodney Reisel. ...Thank you"

"Love this book. Have read this series and hope Rodney writes more. Good read and very entertaining. Recommend to everyone"

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