Dead Asleep

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Now that John Burton’s pool is installed, he just wants to spend a quiet, lazy week pool-side sipping on margaritas and LandShark Lagers at his waterfront home in Jensen Beach, Florida. However, those plans are soon derailed when his sexy next door neighbor, Cassie, strolls over for a drink and a swim. When Cassie tells John and his childhood pal, Kurt Powell, about her friend’s deadly dreams, and how the young girl has already predicted the deaths of two strangers, Kurt wants to investigate. And as usual, John reluctantly goes along with the plan.
In Dead Asleep, the third book in the Jensen Beach series, join John and Kurt as they get themselves into more trouble investigating a string of seemingly unrelated deaths. With the help of Cole Ballinger and Spence Oller, the two soon figure out that things are not always as they appear, and they too, may soon come face to face with death.



Dead Asleep



"John and Kurt continue to meet the right people at the right time. When they make a mistake they bluff their way out. Yet they continue to come out on top! Read it to believe it!"

"Love this series. The characters are perfect together. Who doesn’t love a good mystery mixed in with humor and suspense."

""Deep Asleep" is more of a novella than a novel. And more of a romp than a mystery. Still it is all fun entertainment."


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